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Monday 30 December 2019


- Able to produce a lot of crops, fruit, babies, young animals, etc.
- Very productive or creative intellectually.
- Producing or creating a lot of new things, ideas, etc.

The full title on the curation card was Railing Pillar: Goddess and an Amorous Couple. The sculpture is from India, Madhya Pradesh, Bharhut c. 100 B.C.E. It was part of the Great Stupa (reliquary mound) at Bharhut, The goddess symbolizes nature and fertility; thee mango tree she grasps instantly sprouts forth with ripened fruit. Her left hand points to an Amourous couple(extreme left) ; Indian art frequently shows lovers in such embraces to denote prosperity and fecundity. The unabashed eroticism of much ancient Indian art is quite beautiful.
Fecundity, a single plant's bumper crop on the ground.

- Rabbits are often considered to be fecund animals.
- The waters of this coast, fecund with the nutrients of the Humboldt current, are dazzlingly rich.

Image Credits : 
Thad Zajdowicz

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