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Tuesday 7 August 2012

Eat crow

To admit that you are wrong at something.
An idiom,meaning humiliation by admitting wrongness.
Having been proved wrong after taking a strong position

The origin of "EAT CROW" is unknown, but is believed to began in similar lines of "EAT DIRT" "EAT YOUR HAT" and all probably originating from "TO EAR ONE'S WORDS"

EAT DIRT : To accept another`s insults or bad treatment

EAT YOUR HAT : A statement made when you are positive that something will (not)happen.

EAT ONE'S WORDS : To take back what has been said.

- I had to eat crow once again.
- Call a spade a spade in politics, and you end up eating crow.
- You have to eat crow to start and be completely willing to learn, but not just from anyone.
- The accountant had to eat dirt because of the problems that he had caused.
- This time, you have to eat your words, because, like it or not, you lost.
- If you hit this ball, I'll eat my hat!

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